Sunday, October 30, 2005

I've moved...

Yup! I've moved over to Typepad. I'm still working out some kinks. Check it out, though. The YarnMystic blog was set-up as a knit blog. There has been some growth this year and I felt I needed a forum to include all of my crafting endeavors. Let me know whatcha think.

And Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Who me?

Neglect my knitting?

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Guilty, guilty, guilty. This is the second half of my IK shrug fallen behind my futon bed. How long has it been there? A week...maybe two?

At least it's clean under there.

I have been doing crafty things though. Here is a pile of quilting fabric I've had in my quilting fabric stash. Pretty, yes?

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So I decided on sewing up some yo-yo's. They are going to be made into a tissue box cover.

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And this is a cute little tulip to be added to a pen for those too-cute flower pens I've been seeing everywhere.

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And of course, there is the jewelry making...

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This bracelet is almost done. Nothing original, a very popular design here in Hawaii. I love the lotus blossom charm added to the clasp. This will most likely be a gift for my daughter's teacher.

And here is the latest addition to my bead stash. I've been in a white mood. Perhaps it's no coincidence that I've been seeking for clarity in my career. I think I will use these for a clarity bracelet...

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That's a dichroic glass charm upfront. It will be the focal piece of the bracelet.

And saving the best for latest yarn acquisition!

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I love this yarn. The colors are so pretty. Perfect for a pair of fall socks. I also received a sweet suprise of a mini-skein. Thank you to Adrian from Hello Yarn...

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Can you believe tomorrow is the first of September? Prayers and positive energy to those effected by hurricane Katrina. Go here to help...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Snack-sized knitting

I am done with one arm of the IK shrug. In my world of extremely slow knitting, that should in and of itself be considered a Finished Object! I should...okay, will...begin on the left side this week. Until then I felt as if I needed a bit of a knitting palate cleanser. So into my stash of Yarn of the Month treats I dove for some snack-sized knitting.

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The white yarn is Angora by Elsebeth Lavold. It's 60% angora, 20% wool, and 20% polyamide. It's a very soft and rich yarn which I knit up in moss stitch. If only I lived in cooler climates, I would love to knit this one up into a warm, snuggly sweater. That fluffy blue ball of yarn is Pulcino by Lana Grossa, a 50/35/15 mixture of merino, acrylic, and kid mohair. The orange ribbon is Deco-Ribbon by Crystal Palace, a 70/30 mix of acrylic and nylon.

I also found a couple of mini skeins and hand-painted needles from a child's learn to knit kit from Peace Fleece. That's the pink and green yarn you see, they call it Perestroika Pink and Shaba. I love Peace Fleece and knowing the story behind their beautiful offerings, I feel that not only am I knitting with a wonderful product, I'm helping to foster their message of peace.

I enjoy receiving the samples and trying to to decide what stitch would best show off the yarns and vice versa. I think I will start scrapbooking the swatches. It will be nice to have a resource for stitches and different yarns. What works for me and not...

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Now these two caught my attention right away. The funny yarn is Squiggle by Crystal Palace and the pretty copper number is Venezia from Lang, a 50/50 mix of mohair and acrylic.

I like the two colors and textures together. I think it would be interesting enough done up in garter stitch as a wall-hanging. Perhaps with some ceramic beads added throughout. It's soft enough for a fun pillow, too. My 16-year-old son says it reminds him of the stuff from the vacuum bag. Nice...

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I bought this issue of Spin Off for the article on solar dyeing. I've been wanting to attempt dyeing but having to tend a fire or stand over a hot pot kept me away. With this procedure, this may be something I can easily put together and have some nice finished product.

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The granny squares in this issue inspired me to try my hand at understanding crochet instructions. These are the squares I came away some acrylic I had from my early days of knitting.

Do granny squares count as a finished object?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Some making of stuff!

I managed to finish six pattern repeats for the IK Bias Shrug while waiting at the doctor's office. Apologies for the poor quality photo. The color is a much deeper blue. I am just about ready to move to the back portion of the right side. I love this pattern and my mother is requesting a vest in this stitch.

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Using stitch markers really help. And post-its to keep my place. Here is a photo of the back of the shrug. Pretty...

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And I went to a little craft shop called Creations By You to check out their beads. It's a tiny shop that carries beads and yarn. The yarn they carry caters to the lei maker. I did see a cute little evening bag made from Waikiki by Crystal Palace and what looked like Eyelash yarn. But I did manage to find some beautiful beads to add to my collection. No ideas yet...just seeds for future creativity.

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Here's the latest pair of earrings to manifest themselves...

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That's turquoise, coral, agate, and Thai silver. If you are one of the patient souls waiting for me to send you a pair, I apologize for the lateness. I will get something in the mail soon!

I am hoping to take some classes this summer. As much as I love creating earrings, I have some ideas for bracelets, but still need to learn the techniques needed to put them together.

Hope everyone is staying cool in this summer heat!
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